Woke As Feck T-shirt


Your woke as feck t-shirt. Guaranteed to raise a smile and make you stand out in a field of green.

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Get your official Woke as Feck shirt today. Available in Irish Green, sizes S, M, L and XL

Gildan softstyle Jersey T-Shirt: Trendy, and a contemporary fit designed with quality so you can wear it for years to come no matter how carried away you get on St. Patrick’s Day or at any other Irish event.

Why the number 32? Ireland is divided into 32 counties – including the 6 in Northern Ireland.

Is feck a bad word? Feck no! It’s is used as a pretty mild swear word in Ireland and you’ll hear it everywhere.
It’s not related to the word ‘F*ck’, and doesn’t have any sexual undertones, so is acceptable for polite and not so polite company alike.

*Please note if this shirt is worn while consuming green beer, saying the words Patty’s Day (in place of Paddy’s Day) or comes in contact with 4 leaf clovers (in place of shamrocks) the fabric may turn carnivorous and consume the wearers private parts.


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